Globe Toys

To expand Majorette business out of France, Globe Toys has been specifically created on un-branded Majorette models with dedicated cards, also known as "low-cost" Majorette version. They have been mostly distributed in Germany and Greece. There is no catalog as such but model variety is limited and extracted on 1980 Majorette catalog. It's commonly agreed Globe Toys, also called "GT", are from 1981 to 1984.

As usual, Majorette history is not simple,at the end of production, GT models might have been packed in normal Majorette grey showbox or red blister card.

The fist 20 models adopted specific references in the series 100 - from 101 to 120 - and as usual with Majorette, several models may have same chassis, so same reference. The next 15 models kept the usual 200 series references.

To make it easy, a GT model is a simplified 1980 catalog version.

  • Most of the time, moving parts are inoperative (door, trunk, hood are fixed), exclusive colors and decorations.
  • Majorette logo disapeared from chassis but models still "made in France" because production remains own Rilleux la Pape, Lyon (69) France.
  • The 20 GT models of 100 series are usually brown chassis but can also be usual chassis. The 15 GT models of 200 series kept usual chassis.

On top of GT single pack, there is also 3-piece pack, 20 piece-pack and a 32-pieces pack.

At the end of production, moulds & machines have been sold to Brazilian wholesaler Kikoler. All GT models ended their lives in Brazil.

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